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I am available to give talks and interactive presentations on dementia care. Please contact me at should you wish me to contribute to your event/organisation.



The following tried and tested training programme was developed by myself and Professor Arlene Astell and is available to book. Please email me at the above email address to arrange a time to discuss your requirements. Please note that the content,structure and duration of the course outlined in the example programme can be altered for the specific learning requirements of trainees. 

This skills-based approach is designed to equip participants to go into the services in which they work to provide person-centred care to people with dementia by building up their skills over eight practical sessions. This is achieved through hands-on practice of each new skill as it is learnt and immediate reflection on the experience.

This learning is consolidated by a personal action plan that participants take away to put into practice after the first six sessions. Two consolidation sessions are held twelve weeks later and in between the Dementia Gold trainers will support the participants to implement their action plans to make and sustain changes in their practice and their workplace.

The programme also includes a comprehensive analysis of the communication environment, which is used as the basis of changing practice and establishing new ways of interacting within the dementia care home or service.

The skills-based programme is suitable for anyone within a dementia care environment, including those who provide support and ancillary services to deliver a ‘whole home approach’.


Dementia Gold cover

Dementia Gold participants work in pairs to support each other to try out each new skill and reflect on what they have learnt. This model of partnership working is at the core of giving caregivers the confidence and courage to try new things and support them to take things forwards when the course is over.

An important part of the learning process is for participants to examine the barriers and obstacles to making changes in the services they work in and generate practical strategies for overcoming these. Each participant has their own Gold Account Portfolio, which builds up into a comprehensive pack of skills and information to support them to change practice and pass on their skills to others.

This includes strategies for implementing the personal action plan and a support network that includes their training partner and Gold colleagues as well as the Dementia Gold trainers.

If all the participants are from one home then the analysis of barriers to change and action planning will focus on developing a comprehensive programme to turn that home into a Gold home. If participants are from different homes, each person will develop an individualised plan to achieve realistic change and create a model for spreading their Gold skills to colleagues.