Dementia-Gold-logo_colourThe Dementia Gold training programme is based on Maggie and Arlene’s  research findings and extensive hands-on experience of communicating with people with dementia. The training programme has already been adopted both in the UK (Partridge House Care Home, Anchor Trust, Brighton, Lomond Court Care Centre, HC-ONE, Fife) and in mainland Europe (Compassion Alzheimer, Bulgaria, a non-governmental support organisation).


The depute manager of Lomond Court Care Centre stated that:

“After the course the trainees rated the communication abilities of the person with dementia they were working with as notably better and they  scored higher on a measure of work satisfaction than they did before the training. This suggests that the course had a positive impact both on the trainees’ ability to communicate with people with advanced dementia and on their job satisfaction. For people with advanced dementia,  the Dementia Gold Training Programme provided a simple and easily implemented way of reducing social isolation and improving quality of life. I would whole-heartedly recommend the Dementia Gold Training Programme to anyone who works with individuals with advanced dementia.”


The CEO of the organisation in Bulgaria stated that:

“The training has helped the most in creating relationships based on caregivers’ tolerance which has … influenced the wellbeing of people with dementia’, and the training ‘has also helped the relationships among caregivers to become stronger, caregivers became more sensitive not only towards their clients but towards each other.”