SH class 'selfie' after our last lecture!

Senior Honours 2013-14 class ‘seflie’ after our last lecture!


Semester 2, Academic Year 2013-2014

Module Description

This module examines the psychology of dementia focusing on the cognitive and psychosocial impact on individuals with a diagnosis and those who care for them. Students examine patterns of both lost and retained cognitive skills in people with dementia. We then focus on how retained skills can be maximised and how the caregiving experience can be improved for both people living with dementia and their caregivers. The module include lectures, talks given by guest speakers, group discussions, film viewing and student presentations based around current research articles in the field.



(i) For students to develop an awareness and understanding of the cognitive and psychosocial impact of dementia;

(ii) To familiarise students with the symptoms and diagnostic criteria of a range of dementias

and an understanding of the ways in which they are classified;

(iii) To enable students to understand the impact of dementia from the individual to societal levels;

(iv) To familiarise students with the approaches taken with regard to non-pharmacological treatments of dementia.


Course structure

Following an introductory lecture and DVD viewing in week 1, the majority of PS4093 teaching will be in the format of an introductory lecture to each week’s topic given by me followed by student led seminars based around the research articles for that week. Each week students will present journal articles which will lead to small group discussions around the points raised in the presentations.


Teaching award nomination

I have recently been nominated for an award for ‘Excellence in Senior Honours Teaching’ for this module.